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Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?

You shouldn't remain friends with your ex.
Obviously, you also shouldn't plot to destroy them, unless that's your thing, but remaining 'friends' with them makes you look weak.
Quite weak...
Very weak...
Once a week.
You're not 'Chandler' or 'Phoebe' and she's not 'Rachel'...
or 'Corey'.
Unless those are your names.
Most people think that remaining 'friends' with their ex after a breakup is a good thing.
They think that it's only a matter of time before their ex thinks,"I've got this great person by my side and we've already dated once - so let's date AGAIN!!".
This rarely happens.
If it happens to you please get it on video because we would LOVE to see something like that happen.
But in reality the ex almost never decides to take them back on, because their ex no longer sees them in that light.
Especially if you've been hanging around them non-stop and constantly contacting them.
There is a thing called the friends zone and it takes a bit of work to get out of it.
When someone offers you the chance to be 'friends' after a breakup the best thing you can do is say,"no thanks!" and move on.
Otherwise you have just agreed to become their lapdog and, over time, they will lose more and more respect for you because they know, subconsciously, that you are using the friend avenue as a way, or an attempt at a way, to get them back.
Breakups are a funny thing.
As soon as we lose someone, even if it's someone we weren't totally wrapped in, we think,"Oh no! I've lost the love of my life! I'll do anything to get her back! I'm dying! I'm dying! My heart is breaking!...
It's a chemical thing.
The brain, which some would consider a 'friend', creates the illusion of attraction and can't seem to remember a few weeks back when you were fine and happy and had never even heard of this person.
But, as anonymous says, time heals all wounds.
And you can be sure that you haven't lost the 'love of your life'.
That comes from a scarcity mindset and you are supposed to have one of abundance.
Kind of like James Bond.
Which is the James Bond movie where he mopes around his apartment after losing a girl? Yep.
None of his movies.

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