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The Soul Of Your Project

Whatever project are you working on right now; the soul of that project is invariably the intuitive creative force within you that drives the idea forward toward fruition.
Many people have explored the concepts of where ideas and creativity come from but there has been no real answer.
Some authors state that there are no new ideas and everything that is created is just a spin off from something previously seen or heard.
We, being creative people, never liked that theory at all.
The reality of "newness" is that if your ideas and your projects are new to you, they are new.
The most important question is how the idea will be received by those who will be viewing it.
Will the message you are sending be understood.
Will the lesson you are teaching be learned and will people like it.
This line of thought brings me to a poem I wrote when I was first entering the realm of creating ideas for other people to hear.
The poem was titled "It" simply enough.
"It" went a little something like this: "It" is not the matter of fact that makes the facts matter.
"It" is the way it is presented to and accepted by an entourage of minds holding a higher conception of life's diverse brilliance.
That's what "it" is.
What I was trying to say in this blurb was that who really cares what the idea is, if the people sitting in the position to make decisions that can positively change your life receive it well, you may be on your way to bigger and better things.
One reality in our mass marketing society is that the delivery of your idea needs to be great.
If your idea is coming as a power point presentation, a pitch to a new company, a website, a marketing DVD or an advertisement, you need to deliver it with a punch to take it to the next level.
One component of the marketing delivery is the ambiance of sound that supports the intent of the message.
That was a wordy way to say that music can drive your project to the next level.
The easiest way to find music to support the project that you are working on is to start plugging through the on-line sites that offer royalty free music.
Royalty free music allows you to purchase a music track and use it in your project without paying royalties to the writer each time.
When picking music for your project, it is important to remember that the higher the quality of music, the better the potential representation of your idea.
Music quality is determined by the recording quality coupled with the skill level of the producers and musicians being recorded.
Professional live musicians tend to produce the best delivery of emotion in their recordings.
com] is one such on-line company offering high quality, professionally recorded, downloadable, royalty free music from live musicians.
Just remember, you are the soul of your project.
At Media-Riffs our slogan is "The professional sound behind your project", we are here for you when you are ready.
Dream Big!

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