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Is Your Online Marketing Business Doomed to Failure? Part 2

How determined are you to succeed? A large number of online businesses never even get off the ground.
There are various reasons for this and I will cover as many as I can in a series of articles.
A variety of reasons come under one heading.
Whether you realise it or not, you are fooling yourself by making excuses as to why you haven't even started your online business yet.
I haven't got any money at the moment.
We are all feeling the pinch financially in this day and age.
This is a very common excuse and in many cases it is a valid point.
Just lost your job, struggling with debt problems, tuition fees, gym fees, on a low income, on a fixed income.
I am on a fixed income, and got there earlier than I had anticipated due to a sudden and unexpected illness in my family.
It really hits you hard when your salary disappears overnight.
You can't cope with unexpected unbudgeted items.
I don't use it as an excuse.
You can start an online marketing business with very little money.
Set up a blog for free with WordPress.
Get yourself a domain name for under $10 per year.
You only need one to start with.
Sign up with a hosting company for under $10 a month.
Sign up for an auto responder account, some of them are expensive and a waste of money of you haven't built a list yet.
However, there are some that are free.
Mail Chimp is free, GetResponse is the one I use, it is free for up to one thousand customers.
So, an initial outlay of under $20, and a monthly outgoing of $10.
So far, so good.
Where else could you start your own business for under $20? I know that even $10 a month can be a problem when you are struggling to make ends meet.
There are ways to find the money, give up a night out at the pub (yes, again), cut down on smoking, give up a meal out or a take away, look at ALL your membership fees and stop buying products that you think you will use in your business that you haven't even got yet.
How many monthly subscriptions do you have? Check all the recurring fees.
Wow! Wasn't that a shock? You don't even realise sometimes just what exactly you do belong to, and how often do you use them? There are a number of online marketers making money from subscribers that haven't even used their services in the last 2 years or more.
How dumb is that? How many products have you bought lately that might help your business get going or looks useful I will use it later.
Stop buying now.
If you really can't find anything to cut out or cut down on, look at other ways of economising at home.
Home made meals are cheaper than ready made, car share, little savings can make a lot of difference to your budget over the course of a year.
Look around for things to sell on eBay, how much broken jewellery have you got? Gold is fetching a reasonable price at the moment, and if your jewellery is just stuck in a drawer because it is broken, turn it into cash.
Be totally honest with yourself, how much do you really want to start an online business? Where there is a will there is a way.
Stop fooling yourself and stop making excuses and find it.
If you are really serious about starting your own online business, make the sacrifice, stop making excuses or you are DOOMED to failure.

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