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How to Troubleshoot a 1996 Camaro

    • 1). Listen for noises when you turn on the ignition switch. If there is no noise, check the battery cable connection. Cables fray and battery terminals corrode. Check the charge of the battery if there is a clicking noise when the switch is turned on.

    • 2). Check how much gas is in the car if the car cranks, but won't start. A bad fuel gauge can register that the Camaro has fuel, when the tank is actually empty.

    • 3). Adjust the carburetor if the Camaro engine starts and then dies. The choke may need adjusting. It may be drowning itself with too much fuel or starving because it isn't getting enough fuel.

    • 4). Twist the distributor cap off on a rainy day and check for condensation inside the cap. You can spray a drying solvent on the cap to evaporate the dampness. It is important that you don't leave the solvent on the cap. Shake the cap so the solvent reaches all areas of the distributor cap, pour it out and then let it evaporate for a few minutes. Replace the cap on the distributor.

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