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Hidden Gems With Information Marketing Online!

While information marketing hasn't been taught for all that long, it doesn't mean that it's presence hasn't been strong with top marketers who wish to use it as a weapon against their competitors.
It's the art of strategically sharing information with no expectation of anything in return.
What will this process do for you? What it allows you to do is "GIVE" immense value for free, to a protect who could really need what you offer (who will thank you for it in many ways you've never thought of before).
Please, don't go and plagiarize articles exactly, but rather take the idea, put your own flavour, ideas, personality and experience to it, that will then be 100% unique, and I guarantee you that you'll never, ever, be without ideas for information marketing this way.
If you can share a little about yourself with prospects both online and offline, and show them that you're a credible and trustworthy source, then their going to feel "comfortable" with you and the process you use to sell (which is basically "not sell" but "inform")...
Now lets expand on this concept of information marketing and how it's used in society, to help masses of people buy without even being sold to.
Magazines and television documentary shows on new products emerging on the market and the reviews they do with industry experts see's us driving to the stores that are recommended at the end of the article or program in the hoards to "buy" with very little interaction with the salespeople required.
Some of the best examples of online marketing that I'd like for you as a business person to adopt would be: - How-to's - Checklists - Directories - Statistics - Measuring tools - Industry-specific reviews - Calendars - Addresses - Phone numbers - Web links - Conversion tables - Keyboard shortcuts - Glossaries - Calculations - Formulas - Q&A's - Wikipedia.
com - Blogs - Step-by-step reports - YouTube.
com - Facebook.
com - Squidoo.
com - Reviews - Article Marketing - White papers - Online Website-Buildit.
com By using the above ideas, resources and websites you will come across so much information and ideas to "give" to your clients, they're going to recognize you as the industry expert very quickly if you just keep producing and sharing yourself and who you are and what you're about on a deeper level, you're going to be discovered and related to.
Throughout this process of creating information marketing pieces you'll be positioning yourself as the authority and knowledgeable guide who actually "cares" enough to help their target audience.
This is so powerful and authentic, that you're going to find people saying to you that they feel like they really know you already, because they could have been following your for months and studying your information (especially if you're online and doing this, that is so very "POWERFUL")! You need to be very aware that online information marketing is filled with "copies" of articles and what's known as "PLR" which stands for "Private Label Rights".
I've personally found that by using ghost writers and PLR products won't fulfill your authentic image as greatly as implementing your own expertise and knowledge inside your head and putting that into a knowledgeable format.
So unless you have a great writer who understands your style of writing and thought processes, then you'll be better off doing this yourself initially.
Even if you find yourself stuck for an idea, try going into Google and type the topic your wanting to write about, and look for savvy information online for "Ideas" only.
I hope that at least some of the above ideas have helped you to decide to "begin" using information of some sort, to build trust, authenticity and credibility into your business even more than there is now.

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