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Exploring SEO With On Page Factors in Mind

The area concerning links encompasses a fair amount of information. Sure, there is so much to discover about the topic, but it is actually not the monster it may initially seem. If you have not really given much thought about what you are doing with your own site links, then you need to know what's inside here. If your desire is to make your blogs sticky and popular, then put some thought into your site linking. Always look for ways to improve, and you can do that to your links so they work harder for you.

What you will normally see with on page discussions is the usual treatment about where to put the keyword phrases on your pages. But just remember that every piece of text on your page will be scored and checked for keywords. Any place you have your important primary keywords or phrases on the page will count. But you do not want to limit yourself to only your primary page phrase, and this can bring in more traffic as well. This is an important point about secondary phrases, but bear in mind that you should only have one major phrase per page.

One of the most critical parts of any content piece is the beginning when you have to make a strong impact.

But you know you have to accomplish the very same thing in your headline. But still, even if they get past the headline, there is no guarantee that they will make it to paragraph number two. It's great to get them there, but that is easier than keeping them glued to your article. The principles of AIDA have to be strongly used in the beginning, and if you do that then you will have won a big battle.

There are still a lot of marketers who work with sites other than blogs, and internal linking improvements are good for them, too. You can use the same strategies and approaches used by blogs. There are tons of ways to work with this including everything that was mentioned for blogs. Anchor text that is proper for where you are sending people is critical for this to have the greatest effect. You can even just do this on some of your pages and see what kind of results you get.

Even if you are not engaged in search marketing, these methods will increase the time spent on your site. Another very important part of the puzzle concerns tracking, and you have to gather metrics on this. Rarely is there just one thing that will have a major impact. The topical area of links is pretty vast in many ways, and try to improve your knowledge as you go along.

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