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MLM Leads = MLM Downline

Isn't it funny how we think we are doing heaps and getting results and then we find out that other people are doing 10 times the work and getting 50 times the results.
Here is a little insight on the practice of "Massive Action" Massive Action, this is massive action: Calling no less than 100 pre-qualified leads every day.
That's about 3000 calls per month.
Massive action of this nature is conducted daily by many people.
Let me tell you how it's done.
It's not done with cold calls from the phone book it's done with 3000 people who have pre-qualified themselves as being interested in MLM.
These people have a set of hoops that they put the prospects through.
Hoops that start big and get smaller and smaller.
They may be sent to an 800 pre-recorded phone number.
This is typically a two or three minute recording that gives them another phone number to ring or access to Fax On Demand, a website or have them leave their phone number to be contacted.
When you are calling a minimum of 100 prospects a day you don't have time to feel down, you're pumped right up and will find yourself in "The Zone".
When you're in "The Zone" you're excited and it comes through on the call which gets the prospect excited.
This method is excellent for answering machines, voice systems etc.
As people are screening their calls more and more with these systems you need an exciting tone to your voice.
The heavy hitters using this type of massive action wear head sets and pace the room as they make these calls.
They prefer voice systems to live people; it's quicker as they can let their system do its work.
They know how to work this way, they do it everyday and more importantly they get huge results.
Massive Action = Massive Results.
These kinds of people rarely have time to train people.
Most don't.
Why? Because they don't have to.
They let the company train their new members on turning leads into members.
One guy I knew in Japan, looked good, spoke fast, his cell phone was always ringing.
He was continually scribbling appointments in his diary but he couldn't speak Japanese past a couple of greetings.
He was here to make his fortune, but had a language barrier.
To get over this he found English speaking Japanese first.
He was here for about 2 years.
The whole time he was here he recruited using massive action.
He started off by handing out fliers at a busy station everyday.
1000 flyers everyday, day in, day out.
When he got enough money he paid someone else to do it.
He got his people doing the same.
To tell you the truth I used to think badly of him.
I constantly found myself advising HIS members on the products, follow up etc...
He'd just recruit them, get them to a certain level that week and go to the next and the next and the next.
What was his result after two years? He was then earning more than $250,000 a month.
He knew that the company and others would train these people.
He didn't have to spend time building friendships.
He worked it like a business.
After all, that's what MLM is.
I value friendships but that's not the subject here.
Massive Action = Massive Results Most of the time it's not what you say but how you say it and there is no doubt that excitement and a sense of urgency sells.
There is no fence for the prospects to sit on as the pros don't give them one.
They ask "Are you in or out?" They'd sooner a quick NO than a long yes.
The best part about this kind of massive action is that anyone can do it once they have the system in place.
They call the warm prospect, engage them, refer them to the system and let the system do the sorting.
It's all automated.
Large hoop, Medium hoop, small hoop.
When the hordes have gone through the only thing that pops out the small hoop is people wanting to sign up.
Can you see it: You've got the head set on and you're pacing the room calling 100 people, you don't care if they say NO, you've got people waiting.
You know if you call 100 people that a certain amount will join your business.
Times that by 30 days and by 12 months and you are in the big league big time.
Teach this to your team and you can retire for life.
Isn't that what you want ! They milk the system and let the cream rise to the top.
This is serious MLM.
How serious?�As serious as a heart attack.
:-) I guess you're saying "3000 leads a month that must cost a lot?" but does it? There are many lead sources available, some great, some very bad.
My company supplies us with premium leads at a cost of four (4) cents a lead.
The only question is how many do you want.
How many can you afford? Can you afford not to buy leads? I know that a lot of you look for quality of people and not quantity.
Systems such as the above breed natural leaders, the cream that rises to the top.
Whether you feel that this system is good or bad is neither here nor there.
Results are everything.
Once you have the results you can adapt your methods to a more personal level, have fun and be extremely relaxed.
But first you have to build the foundations of your empire.
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