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Free SEO Techniques - On-Page Ranking Factors

There are many free SEO techniques to improve your site ranking.
Some of them are more effective and some less.
There is also Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.
Black Hat is all about using shady SEO techniques to improve your ranking using illegal ways.
White Hat is opposite.
There is a risk, because millions of sites are 'dead' in Google because of using these shady SEO techniques.
I recommend you to learn White Hat search engine optimization techniques.
There are some shady SEO techniques that you won't want to use.
First is repeating abortive your keywords, for example making page with thousands of keywords.
Next technique is hiding your keyword by using same text font color as background.
It worked before but times are changing.
Also manipulating your keyword density to achieve exact % density that search engine is looking for.
It's all abuse and for such techniques your site will be very fast banned.
I would like to share with you proven, safe on-page free SEO techniques:
  1. Add keywords to HTML meta tags and title of page.
    If you post on blogs, use your keyword in your blog titles, it will automatically place your keyword in page description for single post pages.
  2. Add keywords to your URL.
    For example becomerainmaker.
  3. Make your keywords bolded.
    People will find faster that's the page they were looking for.
    Search Engine gives more points for bolded keyword.
  4. Use keyword in your domain name.
  5. Use your keyword few times on page, don't excess is or you will be banned in Google.
  6. Link to other sites that are high for your main keyword.
  7. Use your keyword in H1 and H2.
I hope these highly effective and safe free SEO techniques will help you to achieve great and even greater results in Google.
On-Page Optimization is still important factor in search engine optimization and it will be.

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