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Hatchbacks Are Classy, Fun To Drive And Practical

Don't you just love a hatchback vehicle? I mean, you still get that luxurious, glamorous shape of the sedan vehicle but this one has a nice sexy rear end that just catches everyone's eye so much quicker.
I am convinced most of the girls out there can confess that they have been caught in a moment of indulgence staring at that cheeky little Mercedes A class or even something basic such as the Kia Picanto or perhaps the Opel Corsa...
I have to confess my very first vehicle was a bright yellow hatchback (we christened her "Pampoen", which is Pumpkin for those who don't understand Afrikaans).
Initially I was warned not to buy a second-hand vehicle, but I took the chance (maybe we had some "connection") and I didn't look back.
The colour was frightening, but Pumpkin soon won my entire family's heart.
She was not just cheeky with her eye-catching colour and enduring performance, she was also trustworthy and carried me, and later my family, for miles and miles on end.
My son still remembers Pumpkin and reminds me about her every time we drive past a yellow little vehicle.
When I think about her now, I am still convinced she had a real personality.
She definitely had the heart of a proper four-by-four vehicle.
She handled gravel roads, mountain trails with such amazing grace.
We had a couple of truly memorable adventures with her.
Then came the day when she became an elegant old lady, with all those tender parts starting to creak, her engine having a bigger thirst for oil and her body (engine) not being able to carry the fuel economically anymore.
It was time for us to part our ways, but it was a tough decision to make.
I kept glancing at the newer version of various hatchbacks and then walked back to my faithful yellow companion.
The decision took me more than a year.
I just could not part with my little cheeky hatchback.
I had to endure the whole grieving process as if I was parting with a very dear friend or family member.
I looked at many vehicles, as in MANY vehicles, but each and every time I had to drive her in and give her keys to someone else I just could not get myself to do it.
Every time I walked back to her and kept driving her, enduring her oil and fuel appetite for a few months more before starting to shop around again.
After a year of "deciding" to get a different vehicle I ended up in a place with an elegant car, more suitable for a family and more fitting with my role as mom, professional and all the rest.
I walked to my new vehicle and left Pumpkin behind.
She was going to be fixed up a little and will start her journey with a new owner.
I was assured of this by the dealer I said good-bye with a heavy heart and my son asked me countless times to take the new car back and get Pumpkin.
But we didn't.
Our new vehicle has been with us for more than a year but we still think of Pumpkin.
We will always think of her as our cheeky yellow hatchback.

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