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How to Get Clear Photos for an Apple Keynote

    • 1). Start with the largest image you can find. You will have the clearest photos in Keynote if you import large images and not thumbnails.

    • 2). Adjust the Dots Per Inch (DPI) of your image in an image editor. You can use Photoshop, and there are freeware utilities, but Apple's Preview application can also do the job. If you are stuck with a low-resolution image, it can help to bump up the DPI to 150, and then import it into Keynote.

    • 3). Use the Instant Alpha tool in Keynote to clear away the background in your image. Apple introduced Instant Alpha in "Keynote '08," and it allows you to selectively remove portions of an image. For example, you can separate a person from a backdrop using the instant alpha tool to focus attention on only the person. If you declutter an image, it often makes the picture clearer.

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