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Video Resume - An Overview

Video resumes are emerging as an essential supplement with a text based CV.
They are being praised as a crucial way to stand out from the crowd or a creative opportunity to demonstrate your skills starting from communication to professional and so on.
Here, the direct benefit of Video Resume goes to the candidates who are good with their verbal skills.
Generally, the panel of recruiters or prospective employers is more likely to remember what they hear and see rather than what they read in your text based resume.
So, it is emerging as an essential part of the hiring process for the recruiters to get into the lime-light before a face-to face interview.
With the help of this amazing digital tool (Video Resume), the candidate gets another benefit of having video CV, as they can easily forward this video pitch to plenty of hiring managers or it can be posted over several social sharing platforms or the link can get shared over them like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other emerging social media sites to get noticed.
Now, one can actually judge how much they can get the benefitted from this amazing digital tool.
However, the question to ask is what exactly needs to address in this Video pitch in order to convince the viewer, so that they could possibly select you for the concern job profile.
Well, in this video resume the candidate must tell the viewer why they should hire you? How can you help the organization to grow more or something similar to this that sounds positive for the organization? Now, to make the Video Resume, let's get started positively with greeting the viewer, then after a brief introduction, along with an overview of your skills and experience in an audible pitch.
Since, the first 30 seconds of the video are considered as critical that actually draws the viewer towards you.
And, here you are bound to give the viewer a reason to keep watching your video.
In this video you can briefly provide a few examples of major accomplishments, mention your educational background, relevant certifications, and special awards you have won.
Whatever you say should reinforce your purpose on becoming the significant benefit to the organization.
Lastly, close the video by summarizing and thanking the viewer for watching.
The thing to remember is the Time, which means the video should get completed within 60 seconds or may be in 90 seconds, not more than that, as they are a supplement to traditional CV that boosts your chances to stand apart from the crowd not a degrading supplement, which can possibly lower your chance to get selected.
Moreover, before videoing yourself one can even watch sample videos for inspiration or take a reference from the most viewed Video CV.
And record the best one of yours, where you are actually communicating with the viewer instead of making it reading like a script, which will surely craft a great impression of your application on the prospective employer.
So, get your skills brushed and make an impressive Video Resume.
Get it created, edited, uploaded and shared for the dream job you deserve!

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