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What Makes the Shure 535 the Earphones of Choice

Audiophiles call for a pair of headphones that enables them to listen to their favorite music clearly and distinctly and the Shure 535 is surely an audio equipment deemed better than its contemporaries in the market. The Shure 535 isn't a simple enhanced version of the 530 model as the past is better than the latter in one aspect.

Why is the Shure 535 Earphones so Good?

There have been numerous positive feedbacks regarding Shure 535. To begin with, it provides a fantastic audio quality brought about by the improved alternation in the design of the cavity which contains the balanced armatures. These armatures consist of one tweeter as well as 2 woofers. The clarity and transparency of the sound enables people to create a variation among the many different instrument sounds. The Shure 535 provides a bass quality much better than its competitors. Because of the 535's high-definition quality, the said earphones give a deep bass comprising a very good texture and impact. The earphones fit into the ear in a far better way because of the altered shape. Therefore, with constant wearing, they soon became comfy towards the ear. Because the Shure 535 comes with a detachable cord, any broken cables may be replaced without having to replace the whole ear bud.

The Shure 535 as well as its Downsides

No doubt, the Shure 535 is the masterpiece when it comes to providing an excellent portable unit for music lovers. However, the headphones also have a variety of disadvantages. The very first of these is the cost. The headphones cost more than $450 which individuals on a tight budget cannot afford. Though the manufacturers on the product argued that because the headphones are usually high-end and considered the best amongst their contenders, it just right to price this a bit higher. In addition to, the headphones have the over-the-ear models which may be at first uncomfortable to use. The headphones need to be looped around the user's ear and so are quickly twisted to get them to comfortably fit. The 535 is just not applicable for those people that have the habit of wearing and taking their earphones off in a hurry. It might take a while before you could adjust the wire all around his ear. On the other hand, once this is accomplished, the ear buds don't itch as well as irritate the wearer.

Are the Shure 535 the best Earphones for You?

In spite of the high price or even the inconvenient mode of putting on, the Shure 535 still has the highest quality of sound among transportable listening units. With the 535, listening to music becomes a more enjoyable experience as the headphones allow the user to tell apart the different sounds of the various instruments; therefore, letting them go through the richness of music in its truest sense. In addition to that, upon purchase of the Shure 535, you could in addition get a couple of accessories like a carry case, volume-control remote, a fairly easy adapter as well as an airline adapter. As a result, if you are looking for top quality sound earphones that will work properly with your iPod or CD players while traveling, exercise or relaxation, then a Shure 535 is the greatest choice you can make.

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