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Internet Marketing And Your Home Based Business

How many different programs do you need to make money, not many. It's a large industry. And so those millions and millions of people are already targeted. That is my number one target market, not to say that all my advertising goes to just them, but that's my first target when I work from home. Second, once they sign up you will find out a lot of them are already familiar with this industry and know how to market, a lot of them usually know other people in the industry, like themselves, who they can refer the product to or the product of the business that you are in, whatever business you might be in, and so you can make another sale, an override.

If you are in an mlm company and you have a down line of four, six, eight or nine levels, that is how it goes, you make more sales. In my company I make a direct sale to someone in this industry and they refer five or six, eight, ten or forty other people in the first week or the first month, that is how many hundred dollar and two hundred dollar overrides I get, instantly, paid instantly to me. It is a better bang for my buck there also.

So, unlike people who are not familiar to this industry, they do not need as much training. Some just start right away, some get started right away and learn more from our product than how to market. So that is the number one target market, this industry. Now, I am not saying that you cannot target other people that are looking for a home based business or to work from home, I am saying that it is a different process, that is the target market, it is a different process.

First in your sales process you are going to have to convert them into wanting to have their own home based business. They are looking, they have not been sold on getting their own home based business. Second, you have to convert them on buying the product of whatever business you are in. Now, back to target marketing. This is why it is the same sales process, same marketing process for whatever you are marketing. The entry point is you have to have some kind of ad, and I am going to use pay per click right here, and again this will work, pay per click ads is the same thing if you use it for classified ads, online, off line newspapers, magazines, whatever it might be, it is all little small ads.

Now that small ad, when you write it, usually you get like three or four lines and that includes your website address. The first line, obviously, is the headline. You have to hit your target market and hit a problem that they have. For instance, cannot market, tired of failing in mlm, tired of not making sales, and basically you give them enough information to want to click on your ad and to go to the next page, which is your landing page, or your lead capture page.

In the ad that you write, here is a point where people make mistakes. They are targeting a keyword, they are targeting, let us just say, make money on line, but yet in their ad they are saying 1 ups or 2 ups are dead, or tired of not making money in mlm, or cannot make any sales, or whatever they might say, whatever problems people have. And they are targeting that home based business or make money on line. Well, it totally does not apply to them, they have never been in this industry, most of them.

So their ad is not targeted enough. Whereas, if they were targeting something in this industry like other keywords, it is targeted. If I am targeting people that are in 1 up or 2 up programs, why am I going to talk about mlm. Even though 1 up and 2 up programs are kind of in the mlm industry and are considered mlm, it is just like a qualification process to be an afflilate, but most people think of mlm as down lines, huge down lines or some type of down line. So I would say 1 ups and 2 ups instead of mlm. People routinely mess up their ad initially with that.

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