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Ideas for Modern Shelving for the Home


    • Shelving is often made of wood, so if you're looking for a modern look, think outside the box. Stainless steel can work well in a kitchen, particularly if you have stainless-steel appliances, or in a loft that has an industrial feel. Glass shelves allow you to display items in a room while leaving an uncluttered look for the walls. Display small, light objects on glass shelves, such as crystal and small vases with flowers to add to the airy feeling.


    • Modern shelves don't have to have the shape of traditional shelves. The first place to start is with the mounting: purchase shelves that can be mounted directly into the studs in your walls so there is no visible mounting support. This offers a clean look, and is strong enough to hold whatever you might want to display. You can mount them in a zigzag pattern or in an adjustable modular format so the shelves look unique and serve different storage needs. Or choose curved shelves, such as ones built into an elongated S shape.


    • While wood tones are often natural options for shelves, the sky is the limit for modern shelves. Depending on the look you want, black or white are classic options that can work with nearly any decor. Or pick a bright color that matches a vibrant piece of decor elsewhere in the room as a fun counterpoint. If you're putting a few different shelves on one wall, consider painting each one a different color to add punch to the wall and a modern look to your room.


    • Lighting is an important accent for modern shelves. The right lights can emphasize the shelves as well as highlight the items that are on display. The lights can cast shadows that further accentuate unique shapes and styles of modern shelves. If you want the shelving to accentuate a color scheme, display only items that coordinate or contrast with that color.

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