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High School Graduation Slideshow Ideas

    Picking Out Pictures

    • Pictures are undoubtedly the focal point of any graduation slide show. The right photos can really make a slide show, but picking out the right photos can be difficult. The keys to picking out the right photos are really quite simple. Make sure you include as many different students as possible in the slideshow. Graduation is everyone's special day, so include as many students as possible. Don't choose photos that don't highlight people's faces or photos that are awkwardly cropped or blurry. Pictures also shouldn't show anything a student's grandparents wouldn't want to see. These rules are simple but students will be more than thrilled to see these quality, flattering photos in their graduation slide show.

    Choosing the Right Music

    • Choosing the right music to accompany the pictures and videos in your slide is essential to the completion of a graduation slide show. Some schools prefer to have a recording of their school song playing with their pictures, or simply just play the graduation march. Others prefer to have the school choir record songs for the slideshow, or to use to the school's prom song. Others choose popular mainstream songs that revolve around graduation, separation or coming of age. No matter what song is chosen, plat the music behind the pictures at medium volume so it can be heard by everyone in the audience but will not overwhelm the entire room. Pictures and videos should be rotating at a speed that compliments the music.

    Creating a Theme

    • Many individuals making a graduation slide show choose a theme for their show to compliment the graduation ceremony. One popular theme for a slide show is a "now and then" theme; many smaller schools do this because it's easier to include all of the students in the class. This theme usually includes a picture of each student now and then one of the student either has a baby, in elementary school, or even during their freshman year of high school. In addition to showing pictures of each individual student, many slide shows have candid pictures of students or groups of students to fill out the show that fall under a certain theme. This can be as simple as a theme of laughter, or something more complex such as the prom theme or of students giving back. School spirit can also be a theme and photos can be of students in school colors or cheering on sporting events and can be accompanied by the school fight songs and graphics of the school's mascot. Whichever theme is chosen, it should incorporate proper photos, music, picture transitions, graphics and photos, all the fit the theme.

    Ways to Put the Show Together

    • There are many ways to put the actual graduation slide show together. One of the most popular options is Microsoft Powerpoint. This program allows users to easily combine photos, text, graphics and unique transitions to their slide show, and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge. For Macintosh users, the program Keynote, is an equivalent solution to Microsoft Powerpoint. Keynote has many of the same features as Powerpoint and even some extra graphic options for users who really want their slide show to shine. For those who want a more advanced show and don't have the technical knowledge to put one together, many videographers can be hired to complete video slide shows for graduation and can easily incorporate changing music that highlights the pictures and videos in the show.

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