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Newbie Marketer Yearns to Live by the Sea and Earn Some Power Cash - If Only

What a great idea, I have just been watching television.
My favourite program, "Homes by the Sea".
Never mind about dreaming of escaping to live by the seaside, If that guy on the television can escape to live by the sea, So can I.
Best of all, whilst he is soaking up the sun's rays,he is earning some real power cash.
Working from home that's it.
That's my escape to freedom.
Go where I want, when I want, and earn as much as I want.
Its a brilliant idea.
All I need is an Internet connection and I am sorted.
Now then, how do I go about working online? I will become a newbie internet marketer and write an eBook It can't be that hard, surely? Sounds familiar doesn't it; If only it were that easy, millions of people go online every year looking for an escape from their dull boring job or even as a way to some make some extra income.
Truth be told, it's a lot harder than people think, okay I have to admit Some Newbies do strike it lucky, but for most of us its a hard slog and a steep learning curve.
The deeper you go into the Internet marketing tunnel, the more money you seem to be shelling out.
Worst still, you can end Up with so many shiny get rich software packages, ebooks and videos, cluttering up your hard drive, so many, that Your focus has suddenly blared over,and your in that dreaded situation of "information overload".
You simply loose all order, become confused, and worst still disillusioned.
A lot of Newbies think they can grab the latest piece of fancy software, most probably costing hundreds of dollars and make a fortune.
A staggering %97 of people who go looking to make their fortune online "Fail.
" So can you make money online? Of course, millions do every day.
However if you're a Newbie it just may take a little longer than you think,and cost you quite a bit money,before you start to make some real power cash.
And lets not forget you are creating a business, so we have to keep tabs on what we are spending, the books have got to balance.
If your paypal account is showing money only going one way "out" its time for a reality check.
Okay! For sure you will get sucked in now and again, with temptation, because the gurus know how to suck you in.
I have been sucked in myself, numerous times, I have come to realise, that there are no magic bullets out there.
Are there ways for Newbie's to make some power cash, without having to shell out tons of money, Most definitely yes, but always be aware of those expensive shiny pieces of software that could end up costing you a fortune, and worst of all, cost you your dream of living by the sea.

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