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Learn Guitar - Benefits of Learning

Many have set out to master the guitar and for many different reasons.
It seems that a lot of people have visions of becoming famous or being popular.
There are also those that need something to put their creative energy into.
No matter what your reason for wanting to play, there are some definite benefits to learning how to play guitar.
Creativity When you learn how to play guitar you also can greatly boost your creativity.
Learning music theory and how to improvise chords while playing will help you become more creative.
You can eventually become a song writer and continuously improve your ability to think and come up with ideas.
This can obviously help you in many other areas of your life.
If you end up getting a job later on where you are required to come up with ideas and suggestions then a little bit more creativity may be just what you need! Brain Power Playing guitar also enhances your brain.
When you learn how to play guitar you have to do a lot of memorization.
You have to memorize scales, chord charts, music theory, and more.
You even have to memorize entire songs that you are going to perform.
Also, being a musician may cause you to access parts of your brain that you typically don't use.
For instance, in order to play a song your brain has to be able to multitask.
You have to remember the words and music at the same time while playing the rhythm part with one hand and the rest with the other.
Often during a performance you are also thinking about other things such as what comes next.
Confidence Another great benefit of playing guitar, especially in a band is that it builds confidence.
It is hard to be a shy person when you get in front of a group regularly to play music.
As you progress and learn to play guitar you become more and more confident when playing in front of people.
You also will become more confident and less shy in other areas of your life.
Having more confidence while remembering to practice a bit of humility can greatly improve many aspects of your life.
It's Fun! The most important benefit of learning to play guitar is simply that it is a lot of fun.
While sometimes getting started can prove a bit difficult, in the end learning guitar can be a very enjoyable lifelong endeavor.
Hanging out with friends and playing music is very socially and spiritually rewarding.
Playing music provides a sense of accomplishment, stress relief, and much more.
Writing music by collaborating with other musicians is also a lot of fun.
So, if you are thinking about learning how to play guitar because you have visions of being a rock star then that is great.
Just remember that many try and many fail at becoming rock stars but there are many other great reasons to learn guitar as well.
try focusing on being creative, having fun, relieving stress, and all the other benefits of playing and eventually you may become more than just the rock star you dreamed of being.

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