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Harry Potter Wizarding World at Universal Studios

I recently had the opportunity to visit Universal & Islands of Adventure the other day and got to see first hand the progress of Harry Potter Wizarding World that is set to open in 2010.

I was also able to get a few photo's and you can tell by them that it is going to be very big and very exciting. The downfall to all the construction going on right now is that the Dueling Dragons ride is a very busy area right now since that is the area of the new attraction.

There was a lot of people checking out the different sights that they could see to grab photo's of the soon to be attraction.

You could really see the excitement in the true Die Hard Harry Potterfans who was looking thru every crevices to see the construction guys working on the attraction.

I have been going to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure for many years and for years The Hulk and Spiderman have always been my favorite part, but I do believe that when this is finished, Harry Potterwill become my all time favorite and I am sure that it will become everybody else's too.

Also I didn't get any good shots but was also able to see how Rip Ride 'n' Rockit was doing and by the way it looks , this Roller Coaster is on track to open in the early spring just in time for the big rushes that come to Universal Studios every year during Spring Break and Easter.

Harry Potter at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

The Lagoon at Harry Potter Universal Studios

Bridge at Haryy Potter Attraction

Crowds at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

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