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What is the Ideal Keyword Density?

Dear Friend, What keyword density will give you the most results? Is it 2 to 8 percent for the perfect number? Some people feel that 2 % is all that Google will allow these days.
5% keyword density may be preferred by other search engines.
You need to use the amount that is beneficial to you.
Many SEO experts say that you actually need about 10% keyword density.
This is the amount that some say is the best for you to use to get the most out of your SEO efforts.
However, due to the overuse of keywords, sites such as Google may not look upon them as well as they once did.
This may make the use of keywords not nearly as effective as they used to be.
In order to get the most use from your keywords that you possibly can, you need to be certain that there are relevant to you articles or whatever you are putting them in.
You must have keywords that are a part of what you are offering to be effective.
If you do not use the appropriate keywords in your content, it can easily mislead people to come to your site and although this may seem ideal, it is not.
When you have people come click on your site and then leave immediately, this is tracked and can cause you more problems.
So, in order to lead the right people to your site, you need to use keywords they may use when looking for you.
This is the way to generate the traffic that you want and what can ultimately bring turn your traffic to customers.
If a person takes the time to read what you have say, there is a good chance they want something you may have to offer.
This means the keywords you use in the article are helpful to lead them to your site.
This is the best way to work on SEO efforts and also allow them to be as effective as they can be.
Anything else is just a waste of your time.
To your success, P.
The importance of keyword relevance should never be overlooked.
This is very important to help you get the right traffic to your site.

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