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Roadmap To Genius - The Real Deal or Just More Garbage?

Roadmap to Genius is a product that promises to help you raise your IQ and intelligence in general. Through helpful advice that has been said to help stimulate and exercise your brain and audio entrainment that is said to bring out the full potential of your gray matter, Roadmap to Genius guarantees that you will become smarter.

We checked out Roadmap to Genius thoroughly and have to say that it does hold great promise for those who wish to improve their mental capacities. The book is broken down into several sections that cover how your brain works, what might limit your intelligence or ability to learn and ways to improve your IQ or intelligence quotient. There are exercises and suggestions for what you can do to help you to be more focused and open to retaining and retrieving information stored in your brain basically, as well as insightful suggestions for what you might be doing to ruin your brain's ability to think most efficiently.

The audio portion of Roadmap to Genius is a series of mp3 recordings that will help to entrain your brain or bring it into synch with the level of consciousness that is most helpful in allowing you to learn or think effectively. Although this is commonly thought of as a new age sort of technique for improving intelligence or mental ability it has been proven effective and found to be a common thread that many very intelligent people have...that is a brain that runs at a particular frequency.

This may all sound like a bunch of garbage but you will find that you do feel different even after one sitting of brainwave entrainment so there is no doubt that something is going on. Actually, brainwave entrainment has been studied by science and modern medicine for quite a while now and may camps say that it truly is an effective way to change the frequency in which your brain operates and often times it is possible to mimic the same frequencies of known genius' and other human beings who have been known to think on a higher level. One really shouldn't discount brain entrainment as being a bunch of hocus pocus or simply new age hype.

The only fault that we found with Roadmap to Genius is that the written portion of the program did have some typos and the wording of some of it is a little awkward. We figure that the awkward of different writing style might be due to the fact that the author is not American (we think he might be British). So we can't really fault him there!

Overall, we have to say that Roadmap to Genius is an effective tool for anyone that hopes to improve their intelligence and mental capacity. The payoff can be quite extraordinary with the benefits being improve self confidence, self esteem and an overall richer life in all, emotional, spiritual and physical.

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