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How to Help Students Learn Their Spelling Words

    • 1). Incorporate teaching methods that pertain to all types of students. Determine the learning style of the student and teach based on this. Students learn by auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (doing) styles.

    • 2). Write the words on a board for the students who learn by seeing. Also, add flashcards to the study program. Use pictures with the spelling words for help learning word recognition.

    • 3). Repeat the words out loud, followed by the spelling, for the students who learn by hearing. Say each syllable of the word. Ask the students to repeat the spelling words back to you.

    • 4). Call the spelling words out for the children who learn by doing and have them write the words down. Games, such as word finds and crossword puzzles, help these students learn spelling words.

    • 5). Discuss the origin of words when the spelling is irregular. Practice by having the students trace the words on a piece of paper. Have them close their eyes and spell the words. This helps them visualize the words.

    • 6). Use the spelling words in sentences. This helps students relate the words to meanings based on how they are used. Have the students look up the meaning of the words in a dictionary.

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