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Internet Marketing Tips - Don"t Shut Doors

No man is an island unto himself.
These are the words I live by as an Internet marketer.
If I tried to do everything by myself and didn't look out for opportunities where I could profit off of another person, I'd still be broke and probably homeless as well.
I don't care how smart you are.
You will have a much easier time if you keep your doors open.
This article is going to explain with some examples.
Let's start off with my first product from 2006.
I heard some horror stories about hosting it with ClickBank about how people will buy with their own affiliate link, thus cheating you out of a good portion of your income.
Now, I could have let this bother me and decide not to go with them and just sell the product through PayPal without any affiliate program.
But if I had, here is what WOULDN'T have happened.
Shortly after I did decide to go with ClickBank, I met up with a marketer by the name of Stephen Crawford.
He was a really sharp dude.
Anyway, he bought my product, liked it and decided to promote it himself.
Well, good old Steve turned out to be a super affiliate, selling hundreds of these.
Now, had I not gone with ClickBank and their affiliate program, I would have never made all these sales.
That is a fact...
Here's another example of keeping your doors open.
I had been burned by my very first JV deal.
Now, I could have decided that I was never going to do another one again because I didn't want to get burned again.
But I didn't close that door.
I kept it open.
Ultimately, I ended up hooking up with a few JVs that turned out to be very profitable.
No, not every one is going to be a winner.
But you don't shut the door on them just because one or two go sour.
I'll be the first to admit that my income doesn't come from just one source.
I am involved in quite a few things because I am always keeping my door open.
If I just confined myself to one site, one product, one activity, I probably wouldn't be where I am today.
Sure, I have a lot of irons in the fire and sometimes it's tough keeping track of them all, but when I add them up at the end of the month, they keep me from having to go out and find a dirty J.
So do yourself a favor.
Always keep your eyes open for opportunities.
Always keep that door open.
Because you'll never know what kind of gold mine is just going to fall right into your lap.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim

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