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Top 5 Most Ugly Food Posters

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder! This is certainly the case if you look at food posters. Whilst there purpose is predominantly to tempt and entice you to trying the food products advertised, there are some posters which are ugly and would have the reverse affect for many people.

Vegetarians and Vegans would undoubtedly find any posters relating to meat or fish distasteful, while others will be repulsed by the hard hitting posters which are being used to quite literally put people off particular types of food for the sake of their health.

Clever advertising and shock tactics are being used to make people sit up and think about the food and the amount of food they consume. Government health agencies have produced numerous ugly food posters which are targeted at schools in order to educate young people about the type of food they need to avoid in order to stay healthy.

Many such adverts use obese children as an indication as to the body size which some children reach purely due to their diet and whilst this enrages many people who are larger in stature than the 'average' person, these posters are being specifically designed and used to help lower the ever increasing number of people who are or are becoming morbidly obese.

1. A poster depicting an obese child trying to turn his head to reach a sweet biscuit which has been placed on each shoulder is being used not to promote the scrumptious biscuit but as a warning that if a child eats too many he or she will simply not be able to turn their head in the 'normal' way.

2. In the 80s poster depicting children eating baked beans was effectively used to draw people's attention to the nutritional value of baked beans. Whilst the poster and it's intentions may have been sound the children used have the most unnatural appearances and very strange eyes which seem to be actually watching you...scary!

3. Would you feel comfortable entering a boy or girl friend's bedroom if there was a poster which showed you where the different cuts of meat are taken from an animal. With the heading 'Guide to Identifying Meat Cuts' you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan to find this more than a little un-nerving!

4. De-motivational posters are a relatively new concept in as much as they are using the exact opposite of all good poster campaigns by using reverse thinking. A poster which shows a live chicken on fire. This poster has the slogan 'You're doing it wrong' which is in itself an effective way to stay stop until you realise that the poster is actually promoting BBQ chicken. This poster is definitely not in good taste and one which many people will find very offensive.

5. Animal rights activists will be abhorred by the poster which shows sausages, chops and burgers on a BBQ grill with the headline 'Animals have the right to be tasty'. Maybe this one is pushed the boundaries just a little too far.

With the impact of full colour poster printing, which provides immaculate imagery, there is food posters of all types being effectively used by both food manufacturers and health agencies to help sway public into the choice of foods they eat by the sheer yumminess of the food represented or by shock tactics to put us off our food entirely!

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