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How to Win the American Idol Auditions

Okay, so you did it.
You made it through the 5:00AM call time, the mad rush of hopefuls jostling to get to the head of the line and are on the list to audition for American Idol.
You and several thousand other hopefuls.
And that's just in your audition city.
In order to move on to the final competition in Hollywood you need to stand out from the crowd-in a good way.
And the first key to that is individuality.
If you look back at past winners, each of them was unique.
They didn't sound like anyone else and had their own singular style when interpreting a song.
Plus, they knew their strengths: Ruben Stoddard's soul, Kelly Clarkson's pop and Carrie Underwood's country caught the attention of the judges because it fit with who they were as people and performers.
The best performers play to their strengths.
The flip side of that is to know your limits.
So it is imperative to pick an audition song that fits your range.
If you can't hit high notes, do not choose a Mariah Carey song.
Be careful to stay within your life experience, too.
If you are a teenager or in your early 20's, belting out "My Way" is only going to land you in the blooper reel.
Personal style is as important as vocal stylings.
If you are serious about advancing, present yourself that way.
Be comfortable but put together.
There is no need to be formal but casual doesn't mean sloppy.
Freshly washed hair is a must.
And remember, less is more when you are going to be filmed.
It's best to go with solid colors rather than patterns which can take on a life of their own in front of a camera.
The judges also look for personality.
Don't try too hard.
Stay relaxed.
Most importantly, look the judges in the eye to make a connection.
In the end, though, talent usually wins out.
And that doesn't always mean the person with the purest voice.
It's the person who out-performs the others, who brings life and heart to their singing that will carry the day and make it to Hollywood as a finalist.

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