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Music, as is defined by the 'world'


To begin with music can be well defined as any organized noise. Music majorly falls in to two major categories that is secular music, otherwise known as the world music and Christian music. This category entails other sub classes of music classification which among others include hiphop, rock, jazz, classical country, pop, folk, electronic and metal music.

It is not so surprising to see the secular type of music composure and even dancing finding its way into churches and as if that is not enough, right away to the pulpit. In this modern day world, with all the technology it is quite easy to familiarize oneself with any type of music as long as you let your heart fall for any.
The other category of music is the Christian music (see picture above). That is a typical contemporary mode of worship but wait, unless they sing out and especially in the right place, just by the look of the picture, the setting of the band instruments, and believe me or not, the dress code, this kind of presentation can easily pass for secular type of music. For instance, the Bible clearly states in Isaiah chapter 3 and Romans chapter 1 about the will of God on how to carry ourselves around especially when it comes to dressing, and paying every attention to our sex.
It is quite natural to encounter people with different preferences of music. In the current world, depending on the age for example, one can not expect individuals who fall in age bracket of say 50 - 75years to enjoy the same music with those of age bracket 5-15 years. The later age bracket would prefer music the would place a level of exploration. This type want to know everything, try out every dance style on the block, the latest fashion of dress code that would suit different type of music. Automatically, this is just a no gone zone for the mature age bracket. You will realize that group would rather prefer music that would leave them relaxed.
Lets talk about worship music. A spirit of worship is a very unique thing, if you are selfish you can't worship. Period!. Think of a church scenario where worship is taking place and some brethren are just seated down, others attending to their phones. What a shame in the house of the Most High God!. Give God all the glory, let Him be the priority in your life and the rest he shall give you. These are the words of Jesus himself
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Mathew 6:33 KJV).

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