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Technodrop Engineers - Manufacturers and Suppliers of Centralized Lubricating Systems

TechnoDrop Engineers is AN ISO-9001:2008 Certified Company. It is a well known manufacturer and supplier of CENTRALIZED LUBRICATION SYSTEMS offering a wide range of single and multishot grease and mist lubrication systems for different machines and industrial applications.

We are specialized in Industrial Pumps, Machinery, Lubricating and Lubrication Equipments, Lube Systems,Lube Devices,Machine Oilers,Oil Pumps, Lubricating Devices, Mist and Spray Lubricators, Automatic Cyclic Pumps, Constant Level Oilers, Chain, Pneumatic and Air Line Lubrication devices.

The company manufactures, supplies and exports technically advanced products in the field of Centralized, Storage, Industrial and Steel Industries Lubrication Systems in India and abroad.

Our Products

Automatic Lubrication Units
Hand Operated Pump
Hydraulic / Pneumatically Operated Pump
Pneumatic Grease Pump
Radial Lubricator
Manual Grease Pump
Multiple point lubricators
Hydraulic power pack

The Company also deals in:
Electronic Timer / Controller
Metering Injector
Progressive Block
Lubrication Fittings

Our branch offices are located in Ahemdabad, Faridabad, Rudrapur, Chennai, Pune, Samastipur, Mumbai.

Our popular products are:



This Pump meant for feeding grease to bearings and other moving parts of machines such as Calendaring machines, Mixing machines, Rolling mills, Beading machines, Furnaces and other likely machines having 1-20 points.(Model TDMGP-500-3,1000-4, 1500-6 for 1-6 points and Model TDMGP-1500-6 for 1-20 points).
The pump consists of various parts as shown in the diagram. When the handle is pulled, grease is sucked through the suction port.While pushing handle this grease come out under pressure through a check valve and is supplied to the grease pipelines

2. Grease and Radial Lubrication System

These systems include manual grease pumps, pneumatic grease pumps and radial lubricator. These systems are efficient in operation, high in performance and easy to operate. These products have been specially designed and developed for greasing of different parts of machineries. These products are available at economical prices.

3. Hand Operated Piston Pumps For Oil

Techno Drop presents superior quality of hand operated oil pumps, hand operated piston pumps for lubricating the different component of machineries. The different models & specifications of pumps have been mentioned here. The performances of these piston pumps are excellent. These pumps are easy to operate at economical price.

The company manufactures, supplies and exports technically advanced products in the field of Centralized Lubrication Systems, Storage Lubrication Systems, Industrial Lubrication System and Steel Industries Lubrication System in India and abroad.

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