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Is Having a Managed Server Worth It?

Today when it comes to performing tasks that can be done through the internet, the most popular word is outsourcing.
This spans not only the administrative and clerical work but even the technical aspect.
One of these is managing a server which is a vital component of getting a website up and running on the web 24 hours a day.
Companies operating their business online have a choice between having a managed and unmanaged server that can accommodate all their data and keep them secure from potential hackers.
Small businesses can decide to manage their own server if they want to have total control of all the tasks involved in running their website.
Having a managed server means you do all the maintenance and monitoring of your hardware and answer to the queries of customers should problems occur when they use your website.
But businesses need not do all the technical work if they don't want to.
Fortunately, there are numerous web hosting services that exist today to help people and organizations free up their time and focus on running their businesses.
What this means then is that the task of managing servers can already be outsourced to these hosting providers.
When this happens, companies are already considered to have managed server support which they just pay for on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on their needs.
This is a convenient arrangement particularly when no staff in the organization has sufficient technical knowhow.
If data security is something you value most, then having a managed server has more benefits to your organization.
As hosting providers are in business to give their customers the best support possible, they normally come up with different packages to suit the needs of individuals and companies.
They also have more knowledge in using the latest software to ensure your website performs at its peak round the clock.
Installing a firewall and anti-virus software should be a top priority for them as well as doing backups for your hard drives to ensure that important data does not get lost.
Scanning systems are a must for them to prevent potential attacks from hackers, spammers and other issues ranging from the worms, crashers and Trojans.
Their support not only covers hardware maintenance, database management but as well as configuration and installation of vital software.
Extra support may also be availed of when necessary.
In instances when your server gets locked, for example, you can just call a technician to have your hardware fixed such as do a re-boot within a short period of time.
According to experts, this is even a more affordable option than going for an unmanaged server.
With a managed server, you can be sure to have your website live all the time with less issues.
As a hosting provider is there to look after and manage your network, any problems that can occur are fixed in no time or with a minimum of delay.
You also need not worry about security and software updates as the hosting company will take care of that for you and your organization.

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