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How to Add Transitions to Photo Story 3

    • 1). Open your Photo Story 3 program. Load your project by clicking the "File" tab across the top of the program interface and scrolling down to "Load Project."

    • 2). Click the "Transition" tab at the top of the window. It is located next to the "Duration" and "Motion" tabs. Check the box that says "Start Current Picture Using a Transition" located on the top left of the window.

    • 3). Choose the transition you want to apply to the image from the section marked "Transitions." You can scroll through the options by using the "Down" scrollbar.

    • 4). Set how long you want the transition to play by selecting the "Number of Seconds to Display the Transition" link in the bottom-left corner of the window. Enter in the value (in seconds) or use the up and down arrows to change the duration.

    • 5). Click the "Preview" button to get an idea of what your transition will look like when applied to the slides. After you are satisfied, hit the "Save" button to save your transition to the project.

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