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7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Doing Keyword Research - Mistake Number Seven

Mistake Number Seven: Failing to Track the Results That Your Keywords Produce.
In order to really take advantage of your keyword research, you absolutely, positively must track the results that areproduced.
Why go to the trouble of creating massive lists of keywords if you are not able to actually tell which keywords are the ones that are actually producing the results that you want? Tracking your results may seem like a huge undertaking, but using that as an excuse to do no tracking at all is just that; an excuse.
There are ways to track your results that will give you valuable feedback that are easy to implement.
To track the results of SEO on your website, you simply need to use a piece of software that has been designed to do exactly that.
For those of you who are only interested in how your site ranks on Google, there is a free program called the Free Monitor for Google available here =>[http://www.
html] You enter the URL of your site along with a list of keywords that you are optimizing for, and then the software will query Google and let you know where your site is ranked for each of the different keywords.
That was pretty painless, right? Tracking your results for AdWords can be simple as well.
There is one final resource for anyone who really wants to take their tracking to the highest level.
It's a service called HyperTracker.
If you want to be a true tracking professional I urge you to checkout this incredible service.
Track keyword phrases from your AdWords campaign all the way to the sales! It really will let you take your tracking efforts to the next level.
The advantage of tracking which keywords are producing your sales is that you can eliminate the non-producing keywords (cutting your advertising costs) while not decreasing your sales.
This leads to a higher return for your advertising dollar.
Enough said.
Track the results of your keyword research to obtain maximum benefits.
Well my friend, that wraps up the mini course.
I hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as I have.
And I sincerely hope that you have found some solid information that you can use to increase your online sales and marketing campaigns' profit levels (and your own enjoyment as well) from the course.
Until we meet again, here's to a happy life and great profitability!

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