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More About Online Classes

Why are online classes so popular? The answer is quite simple on most levels.  Popular reasons include: convenience, time, money, pace, variety just to name a few; but the money and the time saved with online classes is unquestionably the answer to this question. The cost savings do vary from school to school but normally are very cost effective over traditional school classes. The total time savings is huge through the lack of drive time and walking just to get to your class and let's not forget the time spent in libraries looking up information. An online classes curriculum is simply downloaded in to your computer and work is completed at your pace and on your time schedule with in the scheduled time framework of the class.

There are basic items needed to participate with online classes.  A computer with reliable internet service, along with general computer skills are a must because you will be copying, pasting, making files, retrieving files and more on a daily basis. You will also need a valid email address to receive your assignments for your online classes.

On average, typical online classes are set up like this: every week your teacher will assign you your work via the internet in the form of syllabus that contains lectures or text for you to work on in a group via chat rooms or on your own.  The teacher will take questions and or make any comments at this time also. The great thing here is you will have plenty of time to consider what you need to ask and respond in answer form because you are not live face to face and rushed. You are basically assured of one on one interaction through written response.

To be successful with online classes one really has to develop these major skills; discipline and organization.  Discipline requires the motivation to do what you have to learn.  That means study without the threat of some punitive action.  Produce when you're ready.  If you're not ready and are moving at a pace you're comfortable with then fine.  But if you procrastinate you will only be wasting your money.  This applies to brick and mortar classes as well and is integral part of adult learning. Organization means that if you have not learned the folder system of your operating system; some good advice it to learn it. Staying organized in the cyber world is a bit different than the paper world.  Different but the same in that you need to file documents grouped in an order that makes sense so that you can easily find them again.  

Online classes are a wonderful part of developing technology.  But if you are attending classes online some good advice is show up to scheduled meetings, organize your information technology systems, and stay motivated.

In ending, one point about online classes that is frequently failed to be mentioned is that you can take a break.  You have not signed your life away when you attend online classes.  You have made a commitment to yourself but life happens and sometimes we need to turn our attention elsewhere.  This is actually a benefit because depending on the type of online classes you're attending, you can pick right up where you left off.

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