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Spice Up Your Relationship by "Glamming Up" Your Woman

It's common that a man gets a little bored sexually with the same woman day in and day out.
One tends to see their woman as a "Madonna" who is sexually pure and clean.
Inevitably you get that "wandering eye" whenever a cutie walks by.
You start to turn to adult materials on the internet.
In one way or another, you begin to "cheat" on your woman with fantasy or with acting out your deeper desires.
However, it doesn't have to be like this- you can begin to transform your woman into the object of your desires.
One thing I do with the woman I'm dating is "Glamming.
" Glamming is the process of pro-actively dolling up your woman to look hot, hot, hot! In particular here are my Glamming tips: 1.
High heels.
Have your woman wear high heels for you.
Heels lift up her butt and make her legs look firmer and shapelier.
She'll FEEL sexier as well.
False sparkle eye lashes.
You can buy these at drug stores like Walgreens or CVS.
The sparkles will really bring out the woman's eyes.
Black XS perfume.
Have her wear a perfume like Black XS.
She'll smell like sweet candy cherries-yum! 4.
Fantasy hair.
Have her wear a wig, like electric pink or electric blue bob.
She'll look like a completely different woman! 5.
Press-on nails.
If her nails are short, have her purchase a set of press-on nails.
They'll complete the transformation of your girlfriend into a "bad girl bombshell".
It's also important that your woman MOVES sexy as well.
Sexiness has a lot to do with a woman's personality and energy, and being in tune with her sexuality.
If she can MOVE like vixen then she'll FEEL like a vixen.
That's why I recommend you have your woman take exotic dancing lessons.
Not only is it great exercise for her, she'll FEEL more sexually confident.
And with newfound confidence and your positive encouragement, she'll feel confident and uninhibited enough to Glam herself up for you.
Along with all that comes encouraging her to exercise every week and to eat five balanced meals a day of organic and raw foods.
Go to the bookstore with her and help her pick up some cookbooks.
Go to the gym with her and sign up together for a personal trainer.
This can be quality time you can spend with her that will bring you two so much closer together-all while making her looking so much sexier!

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