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How to Wear a Necklace

Nowadays, many women like wearing necklaces to beautify themselves.
There are many kinds of necklaces are showed in shops of jewelry.
The crystal and pearl necklaces are especially loved by young ladies.
Do you know how to wear them properly? Here we tell your some helpful ways.
The crystal jewelry can give people a pure and graceful sense.
When you select a string of necklace, you should get the aesthetic effect of harmony and balance.
The face is important for you choose necklaces.
For most women, a short string of necklace can make your face wider.
If you are a woman with long face and thin neck, you should wear a short string of crystal necklace.
If you are a woman with round face and short neck, a thin string of crystal necklace are suitable for you.
If you are a woman with oval face, you can choose any style of necklace.
The pearl jewelry has become a necessary of most women now.
The pearl necklace is also popular in markets.
The color and luster of pearl can show a nobler and pretty sense.
While women wear dresses, they often like to match up a string of necklace with them.
There are many ways of wearing pearl jewelry.
We introduce few fashionable methods to you.
When you wear a short skirt, you should choose a string of pink pearl necklace.
When you wear a sweater with round collar, the pearl necklace can make you more graceful.
If the necklace is a little long, you should make a knot in the center of pearl beads.
In addition, you can wear several strings of pearl necklaces with different colors together.
If you want to become a beautiful woman, you shall learn to wear necklace from this time.
In the end, we hope that you could learn more methods in the life.

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