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Easy Ways to Level Up in "Ninja Warz"

    Non-Playable Characters

    • "Ninja WarZ" uses a group of opponents called Non-Playable Characters, or NPCs, who are generated randomly to be easily defeated by your clan of ninjas. Navigate to the "Fight" blimp and locate these NPCs at the bottom of the list of possible opponents. Each can be fought five times before a waiting period, after which they will be refreshed and can be fought again.

    Stronger NPCs

    • By clicking the "Stronger" button in the "Fight" window, you can challenge NPCs who are higher in level than you. You will be awarded more experience for these victories. These are not assured victories, but you can regain the advantage by inviting friends to your clan, or by using stronger equipment than that afforded to the NPCs.

    Facebook Credits

    • "Ninja WarZ" uses Facebook credits to allow you to level up instantly. Get credits by clicking "Get More" next to the gold coin symbol at the top of the page (you will have to pay for them), then click "Level Now!" to the right of your experience bar. It's better to have an empty or nearly-empty experience bar before you take this option, so that you get more for your money.

    The Dojo

    • Load the "Dojo" interface to equip stronger weapons to the individual ninjas within your clan, to don relics that provide invaluable boosts, and to train them to have a stronger statistical advantage in general. These functions cost "Karma" points, which are accumulated by the act of leveling, by purchasing more, or by equipping relics that generate them slowly.


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