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How To Remove HDD Repair Rogue From Your PC - Expert Tutorial

HDD Repair is a newly released fake antivirus application which has been created with the purpose of trying to steal your personal information & continually trick you into buying the false upgrade to the software.
Be under no illusion - this is a virus and needs to be removed as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure the continued security of your PC.
This tutorial is going to show you how to get rid of HDD Repair from your computer for good.
Despite this program looking legitimate, it'stotal fraud and is known as a "malware" (malicious software) infection that will basically install itself onto your computer and then perform all sorts of fake scans.
Unlike typical virus infections, this will place a working piece of software onto your computer, and then use that tool to try and scam you.
HDD Repair will have infected your PC from the likes of a rogue download, malicious website or fake piece of software - and will be working by embedding itself into your system and blocking the "Task Manager", Internet Settings and options on your PC.
The way to get rid of this virus is to basically remove all the parts of the program which are allowing it to run.
Normally, this *could* be done by using a reliable "anti-virus" application...
but the fact is that because HDD Repair is an actual piece of software, it will be tricking your computer into thinking that you actually want the program on it; and therefore not remove it.
The way that you need to get rid of this virus is to treat it like a software tool - in that you first have to stop it from loading, and then remove all its files / settings from your system.
There are two ways to do this:
  • Manual virus removal - This can be done by deleting all the files the program uses to run manually.
    This is really only effective if you know what files the program uses, and you're experienced with PCs.
    Unfortunately, HDD Repair will actually store a lot of "backup" files which will reload the application onto your computer if not removed correctly.
  • Automatic virus removal - This is the recommended removal method because it's able to get rid of all the parts of the virus in the most effective way.
    You can use a "malware removal tool" to scan through your computer and get rid of all the infected files / settings that the virus may have placed inside.
The best removal method to get rid of HDD Repair is to basically use a piece of software that will delete all of its file from your system - namely a program called "Frontline Rogue Remover".
This tool has been created by professional developers to first show you how to stop the virus from running, and then remove it from your computer completely.
You can use this software by downloading it onto your system and then following the on-screen instructions it shows you.

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