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If You Have Oak Dining Room Furniture, You Are Continuing A Long Tradition.

In Medieval times, dining would have been done in huge drafty halls, which would have been cold, noisy and probably very smelly! It doesn't sound very attractive does it? Any oak dining room furniture in those times would have been solid pieces of oak that were very functional but not in any way elegant. A massive stone floor would have made the room sounds echo and although they would have had vast open fires, it would have done little to heat the space they dined in. Thankfully, things gradually changed to rooms which were smaller more cosy rooms.

The huge medieval dining halls were used less and less and got to the stage when they would only be used for massive celebratory dinners. The oak dining room furniture from the great halls would have been scaled down to match the dimensions of the smaller rooms next to the great hall, and so the dining room was born. The thing about dining then and dining today is we need pretty much the same things, a table, chairs and something to eat off and with. Dining did become more elegant and in some respects pompous in later years, and so it brought us to today.

Many homes do not have a separate dining room but that doesn't mean they can't own some oak dining room furniture if they want. Most houses will have some space that can be used for dining. It may be in the kitchen or even in a large lounge. Dining with friends and family and sitting at a lovely table is one of life's pleasures and that is why oak dining furniture is still popular today. Whatever space you do have there is sure to be a dining set perfect for it, you may not be able to fit in a grand extending table and eight chairs but you will certainly get a table and four chairs at least.

You could say a dining table is a block of wood with four legs, and that would be a very accurate description. You could also say a chair is a stool with four legs and a back, and again that is an accurate description. However, the beauty of oak dining room furniture is not done justice with those descriptions. The beauty of oak is something we are drawn to, the natural hue's and marks in the wood mean each piece is unique and there aren't many things we own that are totally unique.

Stylish, comfortable and gorgeous could be a description levelled at today's oak dining room furniture and that would be a very accurate description. You may not dine every day at your table, or even once a week, but you can make it a grand occasion when you do, just as those medieval diners did. Set the table, have candles, placemats, flowers and gorgeous cutlery and glassware, how stunning would that look. It doesn't matter if it's Sunday lunch or Saturday takeaway, make the effort sometimes to carry on with tradition and sit at your oak dining table to eat.

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