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Why Should You Consider A Course In Art And Design Foundation Studies?

The one-year program in art and design foundation studies is ideal for students who wish to nurture their artistic talents and build critical basics for careers in art and design. The course offers an invaluable opportunity to explore an array of interactive design, digital media and arts courses, allowing you to develop a familiarity with the diverse career paths that these disciplines have to offer you.

An art and design foundation program is considered as an ideal route of entry for most post-secondary diploma or degree courses, such as life drawing and design, graphic media design, game design, interactive digital media, fine arts studio, digital animation, interactive digital media, product and industrial design, digital imaging, and 3D art and design. This broad-based program covers both traditional and digital media, allowing you to build essential skills before you enter into a more advanced diploma or degree program.

The biggest benefit of the program is that you get to explore all possible art and design disciplines, so that you can make an informed decision about what you want to study and what program you want to take in higher education. It helps you in choosing a course that interests you and will lead you on the right career path.

Who Should Take This Program?

This program makes the right choice for you, if you:

1) Wish to accumulate critical knowledge and skills before entering an advanced art and design diploma or degree program
2) Want to explore various career options that art and design disciplines have to offer
3) Want to gain more clarity about the direction you want to take in higher education
4) Want to obtain eligibility for a digital art, graphic media or a life drawing course
5) Are looking to create an exciting portfolio of artwork required for admission to specialized programs

What Will You Study?

The program typically runs for one year through two semesters. During the first stage, you acquire familiarity with creativity in context, digital imaging, colour studio, visual design fundamentals, drawing and visual culture, and communications. This is the exploratory phase that introduces you to core elements of art and design courses.

The second phase introduces you to more advanced courses, such as digital art and design studio, time-based art and design and 3D art and design studio. In the second semester, you build critical basics and in different areas of digital art and design.

Where to Study Art and Design Foundation Course in Toronto?

Although numerous Canadian colleges offer foundational courses in art and design but Centennial Colleges program ensures that your education is up to date, practical and hands-on. The program has been crafted keeping in mind the suggestions, recommendations and advises by industry leaders and employers. As the workplace is constantly evolving, the students are prepared to work in a dynamic work environment. The art design college also has agreements with other colleges and universities, which provides students with greater access to specialized programs.

Enrolment Guide

You can send your applications to the college along with required supporting, which includes a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and cores in English Grade 12 C or university or equivalent. You must note that you cant directly apply for this program. You may receive an alternate offer to this program if you apply to, but do not meet the admission requirements for Fine Arts Studio, Game Art and Design, Graphic Design Media or Digital Animation.

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