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How Does a Curtain Work?

    Variety of Curtains

    • Curtains can be made to open side to side, from one side or up and down. They are made of a variety of materials from cotton to wood. You can hang them so they can close or stay open with the use of tie-backs. Some curtains only cover part of a window while others cover it entirely. Curtains are used for many purposes, such as privacy, insulation and decoration. Of course, even if you use them for privacy or insulation, they can become a part of your decor.

    Insulation and Light Blocker

    • Many curtains are made with a rubber or thermal backing to help keep out the cold and keep in the heat. Even the new insulated windows allow some cold in and heat out and the insulation of the curtain can add to the efficiency of the window. However, in order for this to work the curtains must be closed and you can block out your light. Other curtains are made of vinyl or wood just for the purpose of keeping the sun from shining into a room, thus creating a glare. A dark, medium-weight material would also do the same and you may need it with or without the insulation.


    • Making your curtains part of your decor gives warmth and fullness to the room. Light colors will tend to make the room look larger, while darker earth tones make the room cozy. In rooms that are plain, you can really use curtains to brighten it up and give it some color. Curtains usually show your personality. Long flowing sheers or lacy curtains will normally be displayed by a romantic personality. Bringing your decor together with curtains can finish a room off beautifully.

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