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Sales for Concrete Cleaning Companies

If you own a pressure washing service, which specializes in flat work and concrete cleaning contracts then it is important to concentrate your sales efforts on property management companies and facilities and maintenance directors for large corporate outlets and corporations.
When selling concrete washing service is it is important that you listen to the customer and find out what their real needs are and it is even better if you can walk the property with them and then make your bid.
So often I find that concrete cleaning competing companies will try to bid jobs over the phone without walking the property with the property management Company or without getting a list of properties so they can walk the properties themselves.
When selling concrete cleaning contracts it is important that the customer understands that you will show up when the businesses are not operating and you will do so in a professional manner and make sure that no one slips or falls on the property.
Additionally you'll need business insurance to cover this with up to $1 million liability and be able to additionally insure the property management Company and the owners of each property.
A concrete washing company salesperson needs to make sure that this is understood right up front otherwise the chances of getting a sales interview or even getting to meet the property management Company are slim to none.
I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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