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Is It Smart to Do Promotion For a Band on MySpace?

MySpace was at one time the most popular social networking website.
It was also the best place for bands to promote their music.
The site allows you to build a profile which acts essentially as a band press kit; you can upload pics, videos, new songs, and even include artwork and lyrics from new albums.
This is the ideal presentation for a band.
However, the popularity of the site has waned somewhat, and many users have left for other services like Facebook and Twitter.
So much spam rests in the inbox of the average MySpace user, and this means that bands should be careful how they promote on the site.
On the balance, it is still a good idea to promote a band on MySpace.
Let's take a look at some of the tactics that you can use to get your band's name out there.
Also, let's examine some protocols that influence the effectiveness of your campaign.
Adding Friends Adding friends is still the single most effective way to get noticed on this site.
It is the least invasive also, so users are less likely to perceive this type of outreach as spam.
It is advisable for a band to add around 100 people per day.
You are allowed up to 500 actions per day.
This includes both messages and friend requests, so it is wise to limit your activity if you expect that you might legitimately need to respond to emails at some point during a calendar day.
It is possible to send up to 350 friend requests without running afoul of the Terms of Service, but you run a greater risk of being considered a spammer and deleted as you push higher and higher daily totals.
Sending Messages It is not wise to send unsolicited messages.
At one time, this type of tactic might have yielded some returns, but so many bands do it that it doesn't serve much purpose.
This type of activity will be considered spam.
It is probably alright to send messages to people who are already your fans to let them know about new songs, new releases, or the launch of a new custom iPhone app for your band.
However, be sure to gauge whether or not they actually still use the site before sending the message.
Identifying Active Users On MySpace, it is critical to identify whether or not the person you are targeting is an active user.
One way to do this is to sort users by whether or not they are online.
Online users most definitely are still active on MySpace, so they make great targets for an adding campaign.
You can also target them based on Zip Code if you have a show or tour coming up in the future.
Over time, you can make serious gains by promoting on MySpace.
However, you must do so by observing the protocols of the site and respecting the type of activity that the users find appropriate.
If you promote a little each day, you will notice serious results over time.

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