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How to Approach Women Without Throwing Up

How to approach women is something every guy wants to learn.
Approaching women causes a huge amount of fear in most guys.
So much fear in fact, that in order to make the fear go away, most men never even approach women they find attractive and would like to talk to.
So how do you get over that fear of rejection so you can approach women you want to talk to? The fear of rejection is incredibly powerful.
It keeps a lot of men lonely and single because they'd rather be lonely and single than face the POSSIBILITY that a woman might reject them.
That really sucks.
And here's the real kicker.
Most women don't reject men.
Not in the way we fear rejection, anyway.
Sure, they might say they have a boyfriend, they just aren't interested or they may just walk away.
But they don't reject us the way we fear which is more like laughing at us and saying how they'd never date a loser like us because of how ugly we are.
And saying it loud enough for everyone else in the neighborhood to hear it so they can laugh, too.
This just doesn't happen.
And when we do approach a woman who isn't interested we find out that the rejection wasn't nearly as painful as the FEAR of rejection which keeps us from approaching women in the first place.
It's kind of like public speaking.
Remember having to give your first presentation in front of a school classroom? I hated it.
It made me physically ill for weeks before my presentation.
And it always turned out that once I was up there giving my presentation, it really wasn't that bad.
I wasted a lot of time being miserable because of the fear of public speaking when the actual act of doing it really wasn't all that bad.
Don't let that happen to you when it comes to approaching women.

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